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What makes an S & C signet ring different?

See our about us page on how our rings are made for more detail.  Our signet rings are stamped which makes the gold really dense and perfect for fine engraving details. Our rings carry a lot more gold than others on the market making them stand out for their superior quality.

How do I find my finger size?

You can either go into a jeweller’s shop and ask them to measure your finger or you can email or phone us with your address and we will post you a plastic finger sizer belt and instructions.

Which carat of gold should I choose?

9 or 18

How do I find my family crest?

We can help you find a crest for your family name – but only if it is a name that originated in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.  We do not have any reference material for other European names but if you search the internet you can often find a crest through other companies’ research.

Which size ring should I choose?

Based on your finger size and how large you would like the ring to look on your finger, we can help advise you on the most suitable ring for your finger. Some people feel awkward having too big a ring, others would like something more substantial so we try and get an idea of your wishes before recommending a particular ring.

How long does it take to make my signet ring?