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Classic British Signet Rings

Each ring is made, shaped and finished by hand before final engraving and hallmarking.
All our engraving is carried out by hand using traditional methods.

Solid Gold Oval

The S&C Oval Signet Ring is a true original classic and our most popular shape. Available in all gold colours and platinum.

Oval Gemstone

Our Gemstone Signet Rings are exquisite and unrivalled. Our beautifully shaped gold rings can be set with a choice of gemstones.

Solid Gold Cushion

The S&C Cushion Signet Rings have a larger, square looking face which gives slightly more area to engrave on which is especially good for Coats of Arms.

Cushion Gemstone

The S&C Gemstone Cushion Signet Rings. Bold and magnificent, providing more space for elaborate engraving designs.