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S&C Gemstone Collection

Our Gemstone Collection






Gemstone Ring Details

Gemstone engraving is an extremely difficult and precise art and can be quite challenging for the artist to engrave. Like all our engraving it is carried out by hand in the time honoured way. There are very few gemstone engravers left anymore who have the skill and patience to engrave on gemstone and it has to be said that gemstones are less predictable than gold to engrave.

Rest assured, our gemstone engraver is probably the finest in the world and his work is astonishing to behold. The unpredictable nature of gemstone work means that these rings can take a little longer to produce but we can assure that the wait is well worth it.

Our gemstone rings are handmade by our unique cast process and shaped to our exacting specifications. Our special settings ensure lifelong security of the stone. The rings come open back as standard but can be ‘back-filled’ as an extra. They are available in hallmarked yellow, rose and white gold as well as silver.