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Since 1992

The Finest Traditional Signet Rings

Welcome to 32 Years of Dedicated Service

We have been making the finest seal engraved signet rings and family jewellery for discerning customers all over the world for over 30 years.

Our rings are a top of the range heavyweight shape originated from our Victorian dies shaped in 1860. They are made by the Drop hammer stamping method and hand engraved by the UK's best seal engraver.

I provide a genuine tailor-made jewellery service; talking you through the many decisions and choices and helping with the design.

We take great pride in our work made in our small artisan workshop in London and offer the finest independent engravers from the UK and Europe.

Please call, message or email me for a free, no obligation, discussion.

Our Signet Rings

What Makes Our Rings Different?

A Classic Ring Shape — Superior Seal Engraving

A Classic Ring Shape

The main difference with our rings is in the shape and weight. Our rings are a more generous rounded shape than others you might find, with thicker heads and more gold in the shoulders sweeping down to a D shaped band.  They carry more gold, so they are generally heavier.

Our rings are made by the drop hammer, ‘stamping method’, not the inferior moulded method, (which causes imperfections and poor engraving).  The stamping method involves a 1.5 ton drop hammer, rather like a guillotine, which drops down on the gold placed in our steel dies The drop hammer hits with such force that it creates exceptionally dense, flawless,  gold which is essential for truly detailed seal engraving. The basic ring stamping is then Individually made up to your finger size then shaped by our skilled artisans into a generous and beautifully shaped ring.

Superior Seal Engraving

Our hand seal engraving is second to none. Our seal engraver is probably the best in Britain, carrying out three dimensional works of art in astonishing detail.  Family crest seals are normally executed in reverse to make a positive mirror image wax rebus.   We can carry out similar deep 3D engraving  in positive, ‘for sight’ as you look at the ring.

The quality of the engraving depends on the flawless density of the gold or gemstone being engraved.  It all starts with the high quality stamped gold we use in making the rings.

I also help with the design amd advise on what makes a good engraving, based on 30 years experience.

What Makes S&C Different?

Tailor Made Service

I have been creating the finest signet rings for discerning clients all over the world for over 30 years.  My dedicated service starts with explaining all the details of what makes a great seal engraved signet. There are various nuances which I try and advise you on.  I help with the crest design and Initial cyphers and monograms.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation discussion and quotation.

I am at your service,



Dear James
Just a line to say I received my Signet ring yesterday and it is beautiful and fits perfectly. The engraving is magnificent and very skilfully done. Thank you very much for all your help and advice, a service that is not so common these days and one to be greatly commended.

Many thanks and best wishes,

John T

Dear James,
An email to say thank you for my signet ring, which I have worn ever since the parcel arrived. I particularly valued your advice and the ability to try rings prior to confirming my order. I have already recommended you to a friend.

With Kind Regards,


Hi James
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for the beautiful ring - we both love it and will treasure it forever. It really is gorgeous and thank you again for all your help and guidance.

Best Wishes,


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