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Lapis Lazuli Signet Rings

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue gemstone which has been used in jewellery since ancient times. Often known simply as Lapis the main source for thousands of years were mines in the Badakhshan region of Afghanistan where there is evidence it has been mined since the 3rdMillenium BC.

Lapis is a mixture of minerals and is consequently less consistent that other gemstones and is certainly not as hard. The engraving achieved in Lapis is often not as crisp as other gemstones like bloodstone or cornelian but nevertheless they make a good seal ring and of course the colour is a beautiful blue, often with little gold flecks.

Combined with white gold or silver, a Lapis ring can look stunning and very contemporary.

Example of a seal engraved Lapis Lazuli signet ring showing gold flecks in the blue stone.

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