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Bloodstone Signet Rings

Sometimes known as Heliotrope, Blood Jasper, Martyrs Stone. Has ancient mythological status due to perceived ‘blood drops’ which are infact Iron Oxide.

Bloodstone is highly recommended as suitable for seal engraving as it is generally a hard stone of high and consistent density. Excellent quality engravings can be achieved on bloodstone and they are less likely to crack if subject to shock impact.

Example of a dark green bloodstone with plenty of red flecking engraved with a coat of arms.

Bloodstone Colour

Here you see some examples of bloodstones and how they can vary in base colour. They can range from very dark black-green, right through to green / dark green. Most usually they are a dark green with red flecks.

Please note that the amount of red flecking does vary and is very difficult to specify. Sometimes the red flecks are all over the stone in an even spread, but usually there are varying concentrations of red flecks. It is quite difficult to select a specific pattern so we ask customers to understand that each ring is an individual and it is difficult to select a particular pattern.

Please do ask if you have a particular preference for more black than green or vice versa. The red flecks are more difficult to specify but please talk it over with us and we will try to accommodate any preferences.

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