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When it comes to choosing a gemstone signet ring there are several decisions you need to make. Firstly the shape of the ring and stone – the oval or the cushion. If you don’t have a particular preference then my advice would be to choose the one which suits your engraving the best.

This example of a cornelian gemstone set cushion signet ring shows a dragon’s head – with the shape of the dragon’s head breathing fire, if it had been engraved into an oval stone the dragon would have had to be much smaller because of the oval shape. Instead, there is plenty of room for the fire-breathing mouth and pointed ears.

Gemstone ring

The same applies to this bloodstone set gemstone signet ring which is a small lady’s ring where the two initials and the crown above would just not have been so effective on an oval shaped signet ring.

Bloodstone signet ring
This crest would most likely have worked on either a cushion or an oval but the customer had a preference for an oval.

Cornelian Signet Ring

This Cornelian set ring has a very dark colour because it has a filled in back behind the stone, which stops any light shining through. The tall crest is perfect for an oval shaped gemstone and the motto curves graciously around the bottom of the stone in a ribbon flourish.

Choosing the right signet ring

Once you have chosen your shape, then it’s time to turn to the gemstone. The most popular gemstones are the bloodstone which is dark green with red flecks and the cornelian which is the orange/reddish colour stone and of course, black onyx which looks like this:

Black Onyx

But if you are looking for something a little different why not choose a blue stone like a lapis or a blue sardonyx. The lapis has gold flecks in the stone which some people love and some not so much but sometimes it can make the ring quite nice and feminine.

Lapis Signet Ring

Blue sardonyx is black when you engrave down into the ring…..

Blue sardonyx

And Red Sardonyx is more of a lilac colour…..

Red Sardonyx

So there are lots of decisions to be made and that is without talking about the engraving as initials too can look very effective on gemstones:

Gemstone Signet Ring

Talk to us if you would like any help and advice!