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Although we engrave more family crests than coats of arms on our signet rings at Signets and Cyphers, we do sometimes have the pleasure of engraving a magnificent coat of arms on a signet ring.

This morning I had a browse on the College of Arms website as you can always find some fascinating coats of arms – with fabulous painted artwork.  I found this one…..the Arms granted to Sir George Martin in 2004:

Coat of Arms

The bird at the top is (of course) a Martin and it has a recorder tucked underneath its wing.  I wonder why there are only three beetles on the shield?  That is a question a Beatles enthusiast might be able to answer?  If you know your Latin, then you might be able to translate the motto – and if you know your Beatles songs then you will recognise it!  The motto is All You Need is Love, or Love Alone is Needed.  Now that’s lovely.