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No family crest? Would you like something other than your initials?

If you believe you have no family crest or you do not know your family crest, you could consider having a different engraving. Of course there is always the option to have your initials in a monogram or cypher.

Or, you could have a beautiful signet ring  which has been engraved with a logo, emblem or something which is special and unique to you.

Here are some stunning examples of alternative engravings:

Dragonfly Signet ring
This 9 carat gold signet ring has been intricately engraved with a dragonfly

Mermaid signet ring
Gold signet ring seal engraved with a mermaid

Kingfisher signet ring
A beautiful kingfisher makes this lady’s ring really special.

A word or two about engraving

Our engravers do not ‘stamp’ the engraving, they use fine tools with diamond tips to carve the gold, gemstone or silver out of the ring to make a reverse engraving.. So they can see how the engraving is coming along, they use something a bit like blu tack or plasticine to push into the ring every few minutes so they can see the engraving forming and make adjustments as necessary. This is a breathtakingly fine art, and the best engravings are made by the most skilled craftsmen we can find.

Silver signet ring

Beautiful Palladium signet ring set with black onyx engraved with tree of life

Unleash your creativity!

At Signets and Cyphers, we can help you find or choose an image to be engraved on your ring. We can advise you on which engravings will look best and which will not work on a signet ring or perhaps on that shape of ring. So really it’s time to let your imagination go wild – unleash your creativity and get something amazing made just for you!